Men's Puffer Max
Men's Puffer Max
Men's Puffer Max
Men's Puffer Max


Men's Puffer Max

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Color:Triple Black
  • Multi-functional Jacket
  • 1 Cropped Jacket
  • 1 Full Length Jacket
  • Side Pockets
  • Built-in Tote
  • Transforms into Pillow
  • Ability to use as miniature blanket
  • Organic Cotton Down Fill

Whether you’re traveling, shopping, or simply hate carrying plastic bags, this convertible jacket allows you to get more out of your clothing without sacrificing style.


How 1920 Measures

Points to note with a Flat lay Measurement

  1. Try not to go with a tight fit, allow at least a couple of inches of wiggle room or more depending on the style.
  2. These measurements are just a guide, if you are worried, please contact us with your measurements and we can advise best fit.
  3. Take note of all your measurements and keep that for future reference


So, for example: Lay a jacket that fits you well/to your liking, lay flat and measure the waist. If the distance is 16 inches, then the waist measurement is 32 inches.